Spring Semester Begins February 4th!

Course Offerings

  • Live Group Courses– We offer a choice of  1 day, 2 day, 3 day, and 5 day per week classes.
  • Private Classes – 15 lessons with a teacher one on one.
  • Independent Study– Students have access to the live group course video recordings and all the coursework and follow the course on their own schedule.
  • Tutoring – Students who just need a little extra help can purchase hour long tutoring sessions.

Course tuition is per semester and  is dependent upon the course and the number of days per week.   For a more detailed breakdown of tuition, please click on our 2018/2019 tuition schedule.

All of our courses are listed in PACIFIC Time- if you live in a different time zone, please be aware that you will need to account for the time difference.

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