One of the main goals of Bon Voyage French School is to support World Language teachers grow their programs. I created Bon Voyage French School with the dream of helping French teachers build solid programs in a current time when French programs are disappearing. The Bon Voyage Method (called français à la poche), can easily be adapted to any language classroom, and the programs we use in BVFS can easily be adapted for any language teacher. In addition, I recognize, as a former public school teacher, that language teachers in the public schools are oftentimes limited to what they are allowed to do. I am here to say, use my name, use my school’s name, if you can’t do it, come to me because I CAN! Here are some ways I can support you and your language program:


Many districts will not allow world language teachers to travel with their students, or many teachers want something other than a mega company organized bus tour.  Whether you would like your students to join the Bon Voyage immersion program at CAVILAM or you would like help organizing a trip for you and your students, I can help!  I am even willing to travel to you, and come and speak to your students!

– Professional Development

I love to teach teachers about my very unique and highly effective method of teaching.  I offer several different training opportunities throughout the year and am more than willing to come and do school and district department trainings on method and curriculum!  My passion lies in curriculum, and I love to share all the wonderful resources I have gathered with colleagues.

– Venture Crew Program- 

One of the most successful programs my school runs is our Venture Crew Program.  Venturing is a co-ed section of the Boy Scouts of America for teens ages 13-20 years old.  The Venture Program is adaptive, meaning that crews are formed based on specific interests.  If you are a French teacher, and you would like to create a chapter of our Venture Crew (Crew 233) with your students, or you teach another language and would like to charter your own crew, I can help you get set up and advise you!  You are even free to use Bon Voyage as your Charter Organization!


If you would like to speak to me about any of the above or have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

You can also join our teacher e-mail list by filling out this form:

Merci Beaucoup!