Meet our 2018 Immersion Class!  

Each year we have a talented group of students who make the commitment to our Immersion Program.  The Immersion class spends the whole year working, preparing, and acquiring skills to travel to our Immersion Partner school- CAVILAM- in Vichy, France.  These students must be accepted into this program, they must commit to a year of hard work, leadership and team building activities, and service.  Upon their return, the students are expected work in our community programs, and mentor students in the following class year.

These students are chosen based on recommendations from teachers and other community members.  Not only are they traveling to France to learn about French culture and improve their language skills, they are using French as a way to communicate with people from over 120 nationalities.  In addition, they are learning skills to be good ambassadors for America, they are expected to positively represent the United States while at CAVILAM.

Our 2018 class is a group of hardworking, dedicated future leaders of our community and our world, and I couldn’t be more proud to work with them.

Each of these students is working to pay the cost of their trips.  If you would like to donate to or sponsor a specific student,  please click the button under their profiles.  You can also donate to the whole class!


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2018 Immersion Class Students



Harli Simon

Harli is a 14 year old freshmen from Hanford High School.  Harli is a first year French student.  She enjoys playing softball, traveling, and food!  Harli wants to be a creator when she is older and is excited to attend CAVILAM to learn more about French culture and improve her French!




Mariah Greer- Short

Mariah is 15 years old and a Sophomore at Hanford High School.  She is a second year French student.  She has an interest in animals and plants and wants to be a botanist when she gets older. She is excited to attend CAVILAM to improve her French and get to know French culture!




Dylan Harbo

Dylan is 16 and a junior at Delta High School.  He enjoys gymnastics, math, and movies.  Dylan wants to be a pediatrician when he gets older. Dylan is actually currently studying Spanish but is interested in learning French in France this summer.  He is excited to go to France because he wants to experience French culture and he says the food is an added bonus!

Daniel Porter

Daniel is 9 years old and in 3rd grade at Orchard Elementary School.  Daniel is part of our junior program at CAVILAM.  He is a student in the Grands Renards Class at Orchard. Daniel’s interests include playing Minecraft, writing stories, and he loves dogs.  Daniel attended summer camp in Vichy, France last summer and is excited to be old enough to take part in the junior program this year!  Daniel speaks French very well already and is looking forward to learning how to read and write in French.







Jacob Wilson

Jacob is 15 and a sophomore at Richland High School.  He is a third year French student.  He enjoys playing video games and soccer.  He is excited to go to CAVILAM because he believes it will a unique experience in learning French language and culture first hand.




Claudia Fesko-Santos

Claudia is a freshmen at Richland High School.  She is bilingual in English and Spanish, and just started learning French this year!  She enjoys playing the piano, painting, and building metal figures called “mecanos.”  Claudia loves languages and when she gets older she wants to be a translator.  She is excited to experience French culture and the French way of life.




Hannah Nordquist

Hannah is 17 and a senior at Richland High School.  Hannah’s interests include singing, playing guitar, and listening to music.  When she is older, Hannah wants to be a person who speaks French!   She is excited to travel to France and attend CAVILAM because she sees this as an incredible opportunity to improve her French and learn about French culture.




Emilee Petty


Emilee is 15 and a freshmen at Richland High School.  She is a first year French student.  Her interests include writing, drawing, and sewing.  She is exited to attend CAVILAM to improve her French.  She wants to be a doctor when she gets older.




Lucas McCoy

Lucas is 15 and in 9th grade at Richland High School.  He is a first year French student.  His interests include reading, writing, history and prehistory, drawing, painting, sculpting, science, plants, film making, design, and costume making.  He is not sure what he wants to do when he is older but he thinks he might want to do something in the. Medical field.  Ever since he was young he wanted to learn French and travel to another country.  He says he never believed it would actually happen and believes that studying at CAVILAM is a chance to fulfill his dream.




Sam Winslow

Sam is 15 years old and in 10th grade at Richland High School.  She is interested in softball, art, and bowling.  She wants to be a doctor when she is older.  She is excited to study at CAVILAM to improve her French.


Hayley Gaines

Hayley is 15 years old and in 10th grade at Richland High School.  She enjoys reading, working backstage on musicals, cats, and hanging out with friends.  She is not sure what she wants to be when she is older.  She is excited to study at CAVILAM because she wants to learn new things and have new experiences.




Levi Miller


Levi is 15 and a sophomore at Richland High School.  He is a second year French student! His interests include music, reading, and writing. He is excited to go to CAVILAM to improve his French!


Dakota Ide 

Dakota is a freshmen at Hanford High School and a first year French student.  His interests include French, beekeeping, metal work, wood work, and cats.  He wants to be a businessman or pilot when he gets older.  He is excited to study at CAVILAM because he likes to travel and he wants to improve his language skills.


Calby VanHollebeke 

Calby is a high school junior and a first year French student.











2018 Immersion Class Teachers

Madame Porter – Lead Chaperone/Grands Program Chaperone/Program Director

Elizabeth Porter is the director of the school and the lead teacher for the CAVILAM Immersion Program.  Elizabeth has been teaching  for 17 years and  has a passion for working with teens and loves to travel with students!  Madame Porter has two children, Daniel and Noah, and has been married to her husband David for 13 years.   Madame Porter LOVES French, biensûr!

Madame Eyler- Air Travel Chaperone

Teresa Eyler began learning French as a high school student over 20 years ago and has since taken every opportunity possible to continue learning about the language and culture. She fell in love with France when studying abroad in Nantes during college, lived in France again as an English teaching assistant a few years later, and lived in Quebec City for a year in graduate school. She worked at Canoe Island French Camp in the San Juan Islands (WA) for four summers and now teaches French in Federal Way, WA. She knew I wanted to be a teacher at a very young age, because she has always loved learning and she has grown to love it for another reason: summers off to travel and explore le monde francophone! Teresa is excited to help Bon Voyage French School introduce more people to the beauty of France and the French language.

Monsieur Harbo- Junior Program Chaperone

Brandon Harbo is a CAVILAM Alumnus.  He is a freshmen at Washington State University studying business.  Brandon is a talented actor and singer and performs in community theater.  He also likes fashion and cars.  Brandon will be in charge of our junior program students this year (ages 10-15 years old).