Bon Voyage French school offers a variety of teacher language and training opportunities, including a one or two week Intensive Teacher Training at CAVILAM during the dates of our teen program!

The teacher program is for French teachers who would like to train in CAVILAM’s FLE method and who would like to connect with French teachers from all over the world.

CAVILAM’s program is specific for French teachers, as it is conducted all in French, however, the methods taught at CAVILAM can be used to teach any language.  During the training you will pick from an “à la carte menu” of classes which include methods, ideas, games, and use of technology in the classroom.  The program will be sent to you when it becomes available in early 2018 so you can start planning your classes!  You will be given many resources and materials to take home, as well as being able to preview and take home samples of textbooks, music, and more!

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate from CAVILAM.

Informations Importants:

  • Cost for the program is $2500 for one week and $3500 for two weeks.
    • Cost includes:
      • round trip airfare to Paris (from your nearest International Airport)
      • round trip train from Paris to Vichy
      • CAVILAM tuition
      • Accommodation in a French host family
      • Breakfast and dinner with the host family daily while in Vichy
      • 2 Days in Paris with the students group at the end of the trip.


  • 2018 Dates– August 4-20th
    • You have the choice to attend for both weeks, or you can choose either the first or the second week for training (note- the one week training does not include the two days in Paris at the end):
      • Week 1- August 4-11
      • Week 2- August 11-20

Ready to Register?

Register by December 21st and get $100 off!  Use the promo code CAVILAMPROFS

Click HERE to access our online catalog and register for the most amazing French teacher training in the world!