Laurine Leung


Laurine was born in France and grew up in Avignon, in Provence. She started her career as an engineer in microelectronics. She moved to the United States in 2012, and had her first child in 2014. While a stay-at-home mom, she volunteered at a French school in Washington State and enjoyed teaching French to children. She decided to move her career towards teaching French and got her French degree as a Foreign Language (FLE) in 2015. Mom of two young children, she has been in the teaching field as a teacher assistant first, then as a teacher. She moved to Illinois a year ago and is currently enrolled in University to seek her French teaching certification from Illinois State with endorsement for Middle/High schools. In parallel, she is thrilled to join the team at Bon Voyage, and cannot wait to meet you and/or your child(ren) in class soon.
Laurine teaches:
    • Story Listening
    • Elementary 2
    • Elementary 3
    • Elementary Expat


Holly Pemsing


Salut les amis! My name is Holly Pemsing and I live in the dynamic city of Lyon, France. After graduating from Portland State University I embarked on an amazing adventure and purchased a one way ticket to the south of France. After arriving in France, I continued my education and met my future husband, Matthias. We have built a life together in this beautiful country over the past eight years and are raising two young bilingual children. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies specializing in Primary Education. I also teach English online to 3-12 year olds who live in China. When I am not teaching, you can find me outside—hiking, camping and exploring nature with my two sons. I have taught English through different learning techniques including volunteering at a French High School, private English lessons, and a specialty language school. 

I love teaching and sharing the gift of language with children and would be delighted to be your child’s French teacher. I welcome your family to discover French life and culture that I get to live everyday.

Holly teaches:
  • QJA
  • Story Listening
  • kindergarten 1
  • kindergarten 2
  • Elementary 1

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Caroline Naud

French and German


Salut! Guten Tag!

My name is Caroline and I love languages.  I speak French, English, German, and Spanish.  I am a fan of  linguistics and languages.  My favorite word is “cooccurrence” because it has three double letters!  I love making jokes and I laugh easily.  I hope to be successful in helping you  have fun with language.  I lived in Germany for seven months teaching French at the Gymnasium (High school or Secondary School).  I was also a French monitor in Montreal for 5 years.

I have two chihuahuas that make me very happy.  I have a bachelor’s in German Studies in Montreal.  My German teacher gave me so much motivation and inspiration to continue to learn German in Quebec.  I hope to give you a new view after learning French or German with me!

It will be my pleasure to meet you!


Caroline teaches:

  • French 1
  • French 2
  • French 3
  • French 4
  • Honors French
  • German 1
  • German 2
  • German 3
  • German 4

Mathieu Fortin

French and German


My name is Mathieu Fortin, and like it says in the video, I’ve been a French monitor for five years in my college alongside my colleague Caroline Naud, who also works for Bon Voyage Worlds Languagers Academy. I’ve worked with people of all ages, whether it be young teens, college students or lifelong learning adults, who oftentimes came from different linguistic backgrounds, like Spanish, English or Mandarin speakers. As such, I had to come up with diverse strategies to help my students get better at speaking, writing, reading and understanding French, without ever resorting to translation.

More often than not, these strategies came from my own experience with language learning, since I’ve been studying English and German for almost a decade now, and I’m just starting to learn Portuguese. I quickly realized that in order to acquire a new language, you don’t need to buy a thousand grammar books and vocabulary sheets, hoping you’ll retain everything by the end of the day. Rather, it is much more efficient to speak with Native speakers, practice the language during daily activities like cooking, learn new vocabulary through songs and movies, and read and listen to content that peaks your interests.

Mathieu teaches:

  • French 1
  • French 2
  • French 3
  • French 4
  • Honors French
  • German 1
  • German 2
  • German 3
  • German 4

Megan Padden-Shin

French and Spanish

Megan began her educational career as a college level French and Spanish tutor in 2005. Megan has since spent over a decade in the field of education. She has taught middle school and high school level English classes and even designed curriculum for a number of SAT prep courses. Megan has Bachelor of the Arts in English with a double minor in French and Spanish from Westfield State University and a Master of Science in Education from Walden University

Megan teaches:

  • Story Listening for Spanish and French
  • Kindergarten 1 for Spanish and French
  • Elementary 1 for Spanish and French


Morgane Réto


Bonjour à tous !

My name is Morgane Réto, I am French and I grew up in Brittany in the northwest of France. Since July 2018, I moved with my family in Greenville, in South Carolina for an amazing experience. I have two children, my daughter is 7 and my son is 5.
I worked for an international company for ten years in supply chain and logistics. After that I decided to follow my passion which is to teach, to share knowledge with people. So I decided to come back to school and I got another Master degree in Elementary Education in 2017. In French, I was in charge of a Kindergarten classroom. Since I arrived in the United-States, I teach French as a volunteer in an American Public School, in an international association and I do private French lessons. I love sharing, explaining the French culture and proposing activities where we can have fun and we can learn in the same time.


Morgane teaches:

    • Story Listening
    • Elementary 1
    • Elementary 2
    • Elementary 3
    • MSHS 1
    •  MSHS 2

Sheng-Ping Wang


大家好! Greetings!

My name is Sheng-Ping Wang and I am excited to join Bon Voyage World Languages Academy as a Mandarin/Chinese teacher. I was born in Taiwan, grown up in Keelung and went to college in Taipei. I have Bachelor’s degree in Education (specialized in Music Education) from University of Taipei and a Graduate Certificate (Master credits) from U of Maryland, Baltimore County.

I was a certified teacher in Taiwan. As a home room teacher at elementary school, I taught Chinese daily along with other subjects. I and my family have lived in US for 13 years now and I also have years teaching experience in states. I start as an assistant teacher in pre-k classrooms then become a lead teacher in kindergarten enrichment programs as well as a lead staff in K-5 after school programs.

I and my family love to travel. We have visited France, Germany, Prague, London, and Oxford during summer vacations. In order to learn more new things from the world, I and my daughter also study French with Madame Porter in Bon Voyage World Languages Academy. In my spare time, I enjoy working closely with local musicians as a piano accompanist and share homemade recipes on my own blog and cooking websites.

Looking forward to working with you!


Sheng-Ping teaches:

    • Elementary 1
    • Elementary 2
    • MSHS 1
    • MSHS2
    • Adult 1
    • Story Listening

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Jenny Ning Zhan



My name is Ning Zhan. You can call me Jenny instead. I was born in Quanzhou, where is a coastal city in south-eastern part of China. I have a Bachelor degree in Radio and Television from Shanghai Normal University and Master of Education degree in Learning, Teaching & Curriculum from University of Missouri – Columbia. Over the past five years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to instruct a diverse group of students from Kindergarten to College level in Columbia, Missouri. As a result, I have developed effective teaching techniques and instructional methods, which have allowed me to educate all styles of learners, and to foster a fun and engaging learning environment that effectively teaches art appreciation with Mandarin integrated, in which promotes creativity and encourages growing independence. Now, I am Chinese teacher at Charlotte Chinese Academy. I love to share Chinese language, culture and art with people surroundings and can‘t wait to share my passion with students from Bon Voyage World Language Academy.

Jenny teaches:

    • MSHS 1
    • MSHS 2
    • MSHS 3
    • MSHS 4
    • Adult 1
    • China travel lead
Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 15.22.52

Maya Cunningham


My name is Maya Cunningham, and I am honored to be the Mandarin/Chinese teacher at the
Bon Voyage World Languages Academy. I was born and raised in China, I have taught both in
China and America for years with different grade levels. Upon finishing my Master’s degree in
Teaching, I will soon be starting the Doctoral degree program in Educational Leadership. I have
already begun to develop my scholarly publication agenda and co-published in an international
peer-reviewed journal, I have also written a book chapter that is slated for publication in 2019.
I LOVE teaching, and especially love teaching culturally linguistically diverse students. My
cultural background and educational experience with both countries remain a major source of
inspiration and pride in my teaching life. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember,
involve me and I learn.” This quote perfectly sums up my teaching pedagogy. In my class, we
will have various authentic activities to be involved and engaged, there will be rhythming,
singing, drawing and even cooking, we will learn through five senses, and we will learn as a
I am excited to be the facilitator in your Chinese language learning journey, and I am looking
forward to having you in my classroom!
Marta1 (2)

Giuseppina Fraternali


    • My name is Giuseppina Fraternali. I chose Marta as a nick name because it’s much easier to pronounce!
      I am native Italian and moved to California about 15 years ago. Teaching languages is my passion.
      I taught French in Italy, before moving to the States, then I switched to Italian.
      Theory, Methodology and Ways of the Italian Language and Culture for Foreign
      awarded at Università Tor Vergata – Rome.
      I taught at Chico State University, CA for 4 years and online for different schools, often with intensive
      I try to motivate my students, using the latest teaching strategies with YouTube videos, games, songs,
      travel stories, cooking recipes, everything that can promote the curiosity for my native culture.
      When I don’t teach I like to travel, play flute and spend time with my friends.

Marta Teaches

  • MSHS 1
  • MSHS 2

  • MSHS 3
  • MSHS Conversation
  • Adult 1
  • Adult 2
  • Spain travel lead
Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 15.29.17

Victoria Quintero


Hi! My name is Victoria. I’m a Spaniard with a lifetime devotion to languages and
communication. I have a BA in Modern Languages (English, German and Italian)
and I have been working as a Spanish, German, and English teacher in different
European countries since 2016.
I love my job! Because teaching languages and how to communicate with different
cultures is such an essential task for the forthcoming challenges of our world. I also
enjoy singing, playing guitar, rollerskating, reading, watching movies and tv series,
photography and, of course, learning new languages! My next goal is to speak some
Portuguese 🙂
Victoria teaches all levels of Spanish.

Patricia Gaillot


Bonjour a tous! My name is Patricia Gaillot, I am a French native teacher, born and raised in Paris, France. In my family, we always used to teach French and we love to share our French culture. After being a graduate in France, I became a journalist-reporter, mostly for French TV and a TV co-host.


I have 2 children of 12 and 15 years old, and we all decided to move to the United States 8 years ago to live our American Dream! Apart from sending reports for French TV, I started to give French lessons to adults and children, on one-on-one and online. I am so proud and pleased since then to share my passion for the French language with students from all over the world.

I am also a French Theater teacher for a well-known summer camp in Los Angeles every summer with children since 3 years.

I am extremely happy to join the team enthusiastic Bon Voyage team and I can’t wait to share this beautiful language, with you to help you to speak French fluently with confidence.

Patricia teaches:

    • Elementary 1
    • MSHS 1
    • MSHS 2
    • MSHS Conversation
    • Adult Conversation

Emma Recher


I am a French registered dietitian who taught Biology, Nutrition & French in Elementary & High Schools in France for over a decade. We moved to Santa Barbara in California 4 years ago and I am happy to be back at teaching!

I’ve been raised bilingual French & Spanish and learnt English later when I came to live in Los Angeles in the 90’s. I am the proud Mom of three bilingual children (almost trilingual actually!) and understand how important it is to learn and speak more than one language. I am excited to join Madame Porter’s great team of teachers!

Emma teaches:

  • QJA
  • Adult levels
  • MS Expat
  • MSHS 3
  • MSHS 4
  • Honors
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Sara Boi


Ciao. My name is Sara and I am here to use my 10 years of teaching experience to help you succeed in your dream. For the last 4 years I have been teaching Italian language to students in a top 3 Pontifical University in Rome, Italy. I was born in Rome, Italy and graduated with honors from the University of Rome, La Sapienza, with a degree in Asian Studies and Cultures. I hold a master in Teaching Italian Language. In 2006 I moved to Japan where I worked as an Italian teacher for two years. I also have Ditals II, Teaching Italian as a Foreign language Certification. I am proud of my culture and love to share my language and upbringing with my students.  I’m a passionate Italian food and art lover so whether you’re reading biographical information about the brilliant painter Caravaggio or figuring out how to cook some of your favorite Italian dishes, learning Italian with me is simply essential!

Sara teaches:

    • kindergarten 1
    • kindergarten 2
    • elementary 1
    • elementary 2
    • elementary 3
    • MSHS 1
    • MSHS 2
Viviana Ardesia

Viviana Ardesia


Ciao e benvenuti a BonVoyage!
I’mViviana and I was born in Pescara, a tiny city on the Adriatic Sea, where I attended high school in Classical Studies. I
have a Master degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world, and I
hold a PhD in Italian History from the University of Udine. I lived in Pisa, Milan and Turin teaching Italian Grammar and
Literature in Middle schools and History at university for more than 15 years. I moved to Florida recently with my family
and I can’t wait to share my language and my culture with all of you!

Viviana  teaches all levels of Italian


Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 12.28.28

Sara Priebe


Sara Priebe holds a B.A. in Classical Studies and Music and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Her
love of Latin is sincere and longstanding and she seeks to connect you with the practicality and
beauty of the language in an engaging and comprehensive way. Whether your goal is to learn
Latin for its intrinsic value, to strengthen your understanding of English or of the romance
languages, increase your vocabulary, immerse yourself in an ancient culture, enjoy your love of
words, develop your critical thinking skills, to prepare for your career or to grow as a
professional in any field, to fuel your creativity, or you want to offer this experience to your child,
Sara believes Latin is a wonderful and worthwhile enhancement to the lifelong learning of every
student who chooses to study it. Sara is commited to remaining a reflective practioner of
Other languages Sara has studied include Ancient Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, and
German. She would like to continue her development in these languages and is interested in
learning many more. Sara was employed in the language learning center of Notre Dame of
Maryland University for all four years of her undergraduate degree, and also had a short term
study abroad experience in Germany to visit original Roman settlements. She has teaching
experience in public and private schools, and in teaching and tutoring students of all ages,
formally and informally. Along with her expertise in Latin, Sara has knowledge, interest, and
appreciation in a wide variety of fields and intends for the research, teaching, creative projects,
and all of the work that she does to contribute meaningfully and positively to individual and
collective wellbeing.
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 12.25.54

Sarah Boutin



Nice to meet you! My name is Sarah Boutin and I have been teaching Japanese online since 2012. I love Japan, Japanese culture and especially Japanese FOOD!

I began studying Japanese on my own when I was 16. I minored in Japanese in college and took many hours of private lessons to reach my own personal proficiency goals. Many of these lessons occurred online and I am living proof that anyone can learn a language on the internet.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband, son, daughter and a 75lb German Shepherd. I look forward to sharing the love of Japanese language and culture with you. Let’s do our best in our studies. がんばりましょう!

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 3.02.03 PM

Hebah Shahinhindi


My name is Hebah Shahinhindi and I’m a teacher for non-native for more than 10 years now,
I’m originally from Jordan but currently living in the USA.
As a native Arabic speaker, I have a passion for teaching the Arabic language as a means to
bridge cultural understanding and has successfully taught Arabic to non-native speakers for over
eight years. I earned a Master’s in Teaching Arabic to Speakers of other languages from the
University of Jordan where I taught Arabic to non-native speakers. In addition, I taught students
of all backgrounds and all levels and ages at the Qasid Arabic Institute and several American
university and I’m a certified ACTFL tester and evaluator.
I have a passion for teaching the language that is evident in the variety of classes I taught over
the years. I have experience in teaching both Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic in
addition to Arabic literature, media as well as the Levantine and Egyptian colloquial dialects. I
also assisted in the development of the intermediate and advanced Modern Standard Arabic
curriculum at the Qasid Arabic Institute.
Since teaching Arabic has been always my passion I want to benefit students as much as I can,
and help them to reach the highest levels they can, in language and in understanding the Arabic
Hebah teaches all levels of Arabic
Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 14.47.38

Esther Kim



Hi, my name is Esther Kim.
I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. When I was 15, my family moved to the state and I had to
learn English as my second language. So, I understand the challenges when it comes to learning new
language. I’ve been teaching Korean for last 6 years. I have taught in both private and school settings
and I have taught all ages and all levels. I have three children of my own and I’ve been teaching them
Korean ever since they were born. They can all speak and read Korean fluently.
I love Korean culture and history. I am ready to share them with all my students. I am red belt in
Taekwondo and planning on getting black belt one day. I also play Korean instrument Kayagum. I am
interested in K-pop, K-drama, K-beauty, and K-food. So, if you are into any of K-culture let’s talk!
I love learning new languages and its culture. I will be getting my BA in Korean (teaching Korean as a
second language) from Korea University this fall. I also have AA degree in American Sign Language, and I
am fluent in Korean Sign Language as well. People say that Korean is one of most difficult language to
learn, but l am here to help. I can’t wait to meet all my students.

Esther teaches all levels of Korean.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 15.24.24

Nikol Kokkoni


My name is Nikol (from Nikolitsa) I am Greek and I grew up in Patras, southeast of
Greece. I have studied Greek Philοlogy and ancient Greek and I have a master degree
in Linguistics. I am giving private lessons to students of primary and secondary
education in Greece since 2012, I am teaching Greek as a second/foreign language
since 2016. For many years I have been a camp counselor and community leader.
When I finished my studies I had an internship in an advertising company creating
and editing press releases, editing and writing articles in a greek online newspaper.
Currently I live in Málaga, Spain where I have Translation and Interpretation courses
Greek/Spanish, Spanish -Greek, in the University of Malaga and I also participate in
translation and lettering of graphic novels.
Teaching modern greek, sharing my language and my culture is my passion. I am an
enthusiastic person, I like to improve myself and my knowledge as much as possible,
while making positive impact. Learning a language is a window to a new world, let ́s
open this window together and have fun!

Nikol teaches all levels of Greek.